Collaborative internet tools

Because collaborative tools encourage teamwork, they make an appropriate medium for various educational tasks, you only need to be connected to the Internet.

Collaborative tools (when well oriented) can help students reinforce knowledge in different areas and improve the teaching-learning process.
Its importance and usefulness lie in the fact that they allow diverse learning opportunities, allowing both the student and the teacher to count on a number of applications online, for the joint work and to collaborate in the development of group tasks assigned in class.

On the other hand, Collaborative tools can strengthen aspects such as reasoning, self-learning and collaborative learning. In this sense, development environments for student learning will be more effective, allowing students to provide an environment that facilitates the tasks related to the educational process.

Social networks are websites that allow people to connect with their friends and even make new friendships, virtually, and share content, interact, create communities about similar interests: work, readings, games, friendship, love relationships, relationships commercials, etc. The origin of social networks dates back to at least 1995, when the American Randy Conrads created the website. With this social network, it was intended that people could recover or maintain contact with former classmates from school, institute, university.

A blog, (also known as a weblog or blog), is a website that chronologically collects texts or articles by one or several authors, with the most recent appearing first. Usually, in each article, readers can write their comments and the author can respond, so that it is possible to establish a dialogue. The use or theme of each blog is particular, there are personal, journalistic, business or corporate, technological, educational, etc.

Wiki is a concept that is used in the Internet field to refer to web pages whose contents can be edited by multiple users through any browser. These pages, therefore, are developed from the collaboration of Internet users, who can add, modify or delete information.

The chat can be considered as a common space to chat on the Internet. It is a widely used means of communication, which is available on the network. Today, chat rooms are very famous. There are chat rooms, which refer to specific spaces, in terms of geography, such as those offered by some universities. Other chat rooms can lead to conversations between citizens of the same country. Likewise, a more open chat can be integrated by people from different countries.

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